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2013 Buffalo Bills NFL Re-Draft

With the 2014 NFL Draft just days away, I wanted to revisit last years draft and using our hindsight, see what would have been the most ideal, beneficial and optimal draft for the Buffalo Bills. I will use the format they used last year which included the 1st round trade back in which they acquires an additional 2nd round pick.

1st Round - 16th Overall

Original Pick: EJ Manuel - QB - Florida State

Re-Draft Pick: Eric Reid - S - LSU

I am not an EJ Manuel fan. I like him but don't love him. I want him to be great and warrant this pick but I just don't think he will. This QB class was awful so I decided to go with another position as opposed to another player at this position. I chose Eric Reid, Safety from LSU. Reid would play one year behind Jairus Byrd and Aaron Williams and put the Bills in a position where they could let Jairus Byrd inevitably walk without the drama.

2nd Round - 41st Overall

Original Pick: Robert Woods - WR - USC

Re-Draft Pick: Larry Warford - OG - Kentucky

Robert Woods was a fine player last year. He didn't do anything that blew me away. Could it have been the QB play or just some rookie struggles? Who knows. I expect Woods to get better as the years go on but I see an opportunity to shore up a much bigger position of need after watching the Bills from last year and that is the Offensive Line, specifically the Guard position. The LG position was in shambles all year between Colin Brown & Doug Legursky. Larry Warford would offer stability between Cordy Glenn and Eric Wood and make the Bills forget about the departure of Andy Levitre. Warford did not give up a sack the entire year and was voted Pro Football Focus' Rookie of the Year.

2nd Round - 46th Overall

Original Pick: Kiko Alonso - LB - Oregon

Re-Draft Pick: Kiko Alonso - LB - Oregon

If it's not broke, don't fix it. Kiko Alonso made the Bills look like geniuses as he finished 2nd in Rookie of the Year voting among defensive players. Not much to say other than I'm thankful he's a Bill in real life and remains one in this re-draft mock. Alonso is a player that the Bills could have taken with their 1st round pick and no one would have battled an eye lash the second time around because the production would warrant the pick. Great value for the Bills here.

3rd Round - 78th Overall

Original Pick: Marquise Goodwin - WR - Texas

Re-Draft Pick: Jordan Reed - TE - Florida

I like Marquise Goodwin and you can't teach speed, which he has plenty of but so does Jordan Reed at a position where you'll find less of it. Jordan Reed had a great year for the Washington Redskins as the new-aged prototypical TE, fast and athletic. Reed had some injury issues but he would have been the best player at the position on the Bills roster last year and for many years to come.

4th Round - 105th Overall

Original Pick: Duke Williams - S - Nevada

Re-Draft Pick: Ryan Nassib - QB - Syracuse

The Bills went with Eric Reid early in the draft so there's no need for Duke Williams at this spot. With the Bills taking Eric Reid, they passed on EJ Manuel so they still have a need at QB. I chose Ryan Nassib based on value. He was talked about as a 1st round pick but ultimately fell and fell hard, right on his face. His college head coach, Doug Marrone, passed on him 5 times in real life so why take him here? Value. The Bills needed a QB but in this draft, they didn't take one up until this point just to take one. At this point, the Bills pull the trigger and hope the camaraderie with his former head coach leads to some success in Buffalo. At this point the Bills had a 'healthy' Kevin Kolb so they weren't completely desperate for someone to come in right away as whoever they drafted was set to battle Kolb and earn the spot. Wow the QB position has been haunting us for years.

5th Round - 143rd Overall

Original Pick: Jonathan Meeks - S - Clemson

Re-Draft Pick: Kenny Stills - WR - Oklahoma

The Bills passed on Robert Woods and Marquise Goodwin in this draft despite drafting them both in real life so they'll splurge on the position for the first time, taking a sure handed Kenny Stills who had a successful rookie year in New Orleans and showed how bright his future could be, moreso in that offense with a capable QB but Stills caught the balls threw his way and made plays when he was asked.

6th Round - 177th Overall

Original Pick: Dustin Hopkins - K - Florida State

Re-Draft Pick: DeVonte Holloman - LB - South Carolina

Dustin Hopkins was a wasted pick here. He wasn't a bust because he got hurt and the Bills struck gold with FA signing Dan Carpenter so Hopkins at this point is not necessary. Instead, they get a stud S turned LB in DeVonte Holloman who is all about creating turnovers, making plays and my goodness, laying down the boom. He was an unknown at this point as he was considered a tweener but proved the critics wrong and performed admirably for the Dallas Cowboys.

7th Round - 222nd Overall

Original Pick: Chris Gragg - TE - Arkansas

Re-Draft Pick: Jawan Jamison - RB - Rutgers

The Bills needed a TE so they drafted Chris Gragg late who oozes athleticism but not much else. Instead, they drafted Jordan Reed in the re-draft so they don't have a need for Gragg at this point. Instead, the Bills look to get some RB depth by taking Rutgers' Jawan Jamison who was taken by the Washington Redskins. Buffalo Bills 3rd RB on the depth chart, Tashard Choice was cut mid-season and the Bills have been bringing in several RB's this off-season so being proactive and adding depth to the position seems like a good investment at this point.

 Which draft do you like better?

2013 Real Draft

1. EJ Manuel - QB
2. Robert Woods - WR
2. Kiko Alonso - LB
3. Marquise Goodwin - WR
4. Duke Williams - S
5. Jonathan Meeks - S
6. Dustin Hopkins - K
7. Chris Gragg - TE

2013 Re-Draft

1. Eric Reid - S
2. Larry Warford - OG
2. Kiko Alonso - LB
3. Jordan Reed - TE
4. Ryan Nassib - QB
5. Kenny Stills - WR
6. DeVonte Holloman - LB
7. Jawan Jamison - RB

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